I’m Blair Beckwith. This is me:

I live in Ottawa, Canada, with my fiancée, Australian Shepherd, and two Savannah cats:

I’m currently the Director of Business Development at Shogun. We’re many things, but mostly a tool to enable marketing teams at d2c brands and ecommerce stores build, measure, and optimize their sites. I lead our efforts to partner with the best platforms, agencies, and commerce technology companies in the world.

Previously, I did a brief stint as Director of Product at Pixel Union, before I realized I was bad at product and let myself go. Pixel Union is one of the best ecommerce agencies in the world. I looked looked after the entire suite of products at Pixel Union, with a focus on their apps strategy.

Before that, I lead the App Store program at Shopify from 2012-2017. If I have any notoriety at all, it’s for this. My role took many forms over the years, but my primary focus was on building relationships with the top 5% of our partners and managing people.