Blair Beckwith

Currently helping clients go-to-market with incredible partner programs at Railspur. Previously Director of BD @ Shogun, Director of Product @ Pixel Union, Head of App Store at @Shopify

So you want to leave the mothership

In the year and a half since I left Shopify, I’ve had countless people come to me asking for advice on how and when they should make the jump. The bulk of these people are looking to leave Shopify, but not all of them. I believe it’s a combination of the strong culture Shopify has built, the pretty insane long term retention (people get really comfortable there and stay for years), and the fact that huge swaths of my network are from there that result in so many people from there asking me. It’s not exclusively Shopify, though – people from other companies that I worked with in my Partnerships role have approached me looking for advice on making the leap. After countless coffee dates and meals out, I figured I’d write some thoughts down on this to make their – and my! – life easier.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on this, and this isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff. I don’t even think I...

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